Born in Coimbra, Portugal, 1936

Diploma in Architecture with distinction
Fine Arts School of Oporto, Portugal 1966
Master of Science in Architecture
Columbia, University, New York, U.S.1968

Licensed to practice architecture in Portugal,
Mozambique, South Africa.
Member of the South African Council For Architect 1990
Member of the South African Institute of Architect 1969
Member of the Associação dos Arquitectos Portugueses 1991

Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Spanish.




Senior adviser for the Mozambican Minister for Public Works and Housing on matters of housing policy, human settlements, planning, training and institution building. 1975-77

National Director of Housing in charge of regional and urban planning, housing
and social equipment. Also in charge of training programs for basic and medium level rural and urban planning technicians. The National Directorate of Housing covered the entire country through a network of ten provincial offices with a staff of approximately 350. 1977-83

Secretary of State for Physical Planning in charge of the National Institute for Physical Planning with all the above responsibilities as a member of the government in addition to the responsibility of directing the National Directorate for Geography and Cadastral Registration. 1983-86

Member of the Parliament 1977-86


Mozambique's Chief of Delegation to the U.N." Habitat Conference," Vancouver, Canada 1977
Mozambique's delegate to the UNEP study tour to the people's Republic of China 1978
Mozambique's official representative for Habitat-UNCHS 1978-86
Mozambique's official representative for UNEP 1978-86
Mozambique's focal point for the "International
Year of the Shelter for the Homeless" 1985-86
Member of the "Technical Council" of the Ministry of Construction and Water Affairs 1987
Member of the “Technical Council” of the Maputo City Council 1993
Member of the Academic Council of the Eduardo Mondlane University 1993


Director, Faculty of Architecture and Physical
Planning, U.E.M. Maputo, Mozambique 1990 to present
Visiting Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Fall 1988
Graduate School of Fine Arts,Department of Fall 1986
Architecture Fall 1987
Visiting Professor, Faculty of Architecture, University "La Sapienza," Rome, Italy 1986
Research Associate, Instituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia, Venice, Italy 1986
Associate Professor, Faculty of Architecture,University of Mozambique 1985 to present
Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Engineering, University of Mozambique 1977-79
Visiting Critic, Faculty of Architecture, University of Cape Town, South Africa 1974/89/90
Member of the Technical Council of theMaputo Town Council 1993
External examiner - Faculty of Architecture Universityof Cape Town .S.A. 1994/95/96/


Lectures in Portugal, Mozambique, Swaziland, South Africa and Italy on housing, architecture and physical planning issues.

Lectures in Italy primarily concerning professional practice and its relationship with the issues of modern architecture and the training of architects in Africa.

Lectures the Universities of Lund andStockholm, including a lecture to the Swedish Institute of Architects.

Lectures at the University of Pennsylvania. Lecture at the City college of New York Nov. 1987

Lecture and Seminar at the Graduate Program in Architecture, University of Toronto, Canada. Nov. 1987

Lecture at the National Association of Norwegian
Architects, Oslo, Norway Nov. 1987

Lecture at the CEPT - Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology. Ahmedabad. India Jul. 1988

Lectures at the Faculty of Architecture of Bergen
and Oslo. Norway Mar. 1990

Lecture as main speaker at the Roros Meeting.
Roros - Norway Mar. 1990

Main speaker at the Congress of South African
Architects Mar. 1991

Member of the jury to award the First Prize for Architecture, Harare, Zimbabwe (period from 198O to 1988) 1988

Consultant for SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) for the establishment ofurban and regional planners training system for Zimbabwe 1987

Member of the jury to award the prizes for the architectural competition for a government agency in Harare - Zimbabwe 1986

Consultant for NORAD for the rehabilitation of theFisheries School,Maputo ,Mozambique 1991


Ralph and Ruth Erskine Foundation Stipendium: "inrecognition of outstanding achievements in harmony with the objetives of the foundation" Oct. 1989

Awarded the Italian Star of Solidarity commended by the
the President of the Italian Republic Dec. 2001


" Research Needs and Priorities in Housing and
Construction in Mozambique," Habitat International,
Vol. 9, N°. 2, 1985, pp. 65-72.

" Transformazione e Politica Urbana in Mozambico," in Il
Territorio da Construire, Pianificazione Urbana e
Territoriale in Africa, Antonio Jatta, ed. Dedalo:
Bari, 1985, pp. 29-33.

" Technologie per lo sviluppo: Africa," With M. Garano and P. Ramundo, Ente Fiera di Bologna, 1986,pp. 125-131.

" La pianificazione fisica nel Mozambico independente," in "Da Lourenço Marques a Maputo - La riconversione della citta coloniale pra ideologia e politiche urbana," anthology edited by G. Ferracuti, Franco Angeli Libri,
Milano, Italy, 1987.

Resume of a paper given at Bordeaux, France in 1986 in"Valorisation et Restitution des Recherdies Urbainesdans le Tiers Monde," ed. by INTER URBA, Tiers Monde, CNRS - ORSTOM, 1987.

Paper. “O desenvolvimento Urbano em Moçambique, ou De Quem É a Cidade? (“Urban development in Mozambique or to Whom does the City Belong?”). Comunication to the“workshop on the methodological basis for the study of the population growth tendencies in Mozambique’s cities”. U.E.M. May 1992

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